In working with people the world is my studio. I prefer the honesty of environmental portraiture, even the head shots on these pages were done either at the persons home or work place. I believe a person is more relaxed in their space, and when their space is part of the picture we have a more complete picture. I work for corporations, universities, institutions, magazines and individuals. To get information for portraits or assignments please go to the contact page.

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25 Total Pictures

James Galway and Lorin Maazel

architecture #0

John Williams, for Sony Classical Music

architecture #1

John Williams, Itzak Perlman, and PSO for Sony Classical Music

architecture #2

Hillary Hahn with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

architecture #3

Andre Previn with PSO

architecture #4

Isaac Stern with PSO

architecture #5

Edward Cumming, Music Director Hartford Symphony Orchestra

architecture #6

Frank Gorshin with PSO

architecture #7

Roger Daltrey, (shot for David Fishof)

architecture #8

Bobby McFerrin

architecture #9
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