Pittsburgh Area Steel Mills

The pictures in this gallery are not the complete body of work I did. If you are looking for some specific scenes, and you do not see them here, contact me to see if I have it in my files.

The Pittsburgh area steel mill photographs in this gallery are from a personal project I began in 1981. To see other photographs of Pittsburgh and Western Pensylvania go to the gallery here on my site for them. In wanting to get back to my roots I started to photograph the steel mill towns around Pittsburgh, not suspecting that soon the era of steel was about to come to an end. When the mills shut down I not only documented them, but also the ripple effect of other businesses closing, leading to food banks and people losing their homes.

In 1988 I went to Black Star, a photographer's agency in New York City, and was advised by Annie Stewart, a photo editor there at the time, how to document my photographs and a strategy for releasing them. They also kept about 50 black and white photographs and about 50 color slides for their files. In the time since the information I was given was priceless.

I had two exhibits of the Pittsburgh steel mill photographs. One at the Bost Building in Homestead and the other at California University of Pennsylvania. Some steel mill pictures were published in the books, The Power of Pittsburgh (Towery), Beyond the Surface (Pittsburgh History and Landmarks), and Life's Riches (Pittsburgh History and Landmarks)


All pictures are available for use or purchase through me. They are available as fine art original photographs, or fine art giclees. Contact me through my contact page for information on sizes and prices. For use in publications contact me through my contact page. All the pictures are under copyright.

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Pittsburgh with J&L 7-81 SF152-28

architecture #0

J&L Southside Pittsburgh 7-81 151-23

architecture #1

Pittsburgh and J&L 7-81 SF155-8

architecture #2

Pittsburgh, July '81

architecture #3

Early Morning Fog, Pittsburgh 7-81 SF152-8A

architecture #4

Sunset, Pittsburgh 5-82

architecture #5

Pittsburgh and J&L 8-82

architecture #6

Eliza Furnace, Pittsburgh 2-83 SF289-1

architecture #7

Pittsburgh with J&L at Sunset

architecture #8

Pittsburgh With J&L 7-86 MF15-7

architecture #9
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